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The Gifts & Premium Company

Established in 1997, Montegle has been a design, gifts and premium agency. We have cutting edge creative to give customer first class Brand Building and Premium for building up corporate identity, branding image, promotion and advertising purpose. With over 20 years experiences in the industry, we have a reputable record to work for many renowned brands in the markets of Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Gifts & Premium

Includes Premium Apparel, Polo shirt, T-shirt, Windbreaker, Vest, Apron, Scarf, Cap, Premium Bag, Backpack, Tote Bag, Computer Accessory, Lap Top Bag, Tablet Pouch, Mouse, Mouse Pad, USB Flash Disk, Electronic Item, Power Bank, Selfie Stick, Mini Fan, Premium Gifts, Premium Trophy, Golden Gift, Crystal Gift, Household Item, Umbrella, Chopsticks, Towel, Slipper, Beach Chair, Wine Charm, Mug, Water Bottle, Coaster, Wine Opener, Mobile Accessory, Mobile Cleaner, Mobile Pouch, Wireless Mobile Charger, Personal Accessory, Watch, Pin, Badge, Lanyard, Stationery, Pen, Whiteboard, Folder, Notebook, Bookmark, Pencil Case, Calendar, Travel Accessory, Travel Bag, Luggage, Luggage Tag, Luggage Belt, Luggage Scale, Travel Adapter, Premium Design, Logo Design, Poster and Leaflet Design, POSM, Acrylic Display.

Quality Control for Gifts & Premium

Montegle has a "proactive plan" for our quality control to meet the specific quality of expectations of our premium clients. We perform both quality control and quality assurance. We begin with high precaution in prototype designing, sample testing, on-line and final inspection, shipment and premium delivery to client's destination on time.

Premium Delivery

To meet the expected time frame of client's delivery schedule is totally reflecting the outcome of having the business success. To ensure the smoothness of the premium delivery operation, Montegle is impeccably working on the well planned, well organized forward, shipping and tracking system to assure the premium delivery schedule is met.

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