Special Invitation: AR Appreciation Tour: Liven up Gifts & Premium with AR

We would like to cordially invite you to our seminar:  "Liven up gifts and premium with AR, creating interactive, fun and memorable souvenirs.”, on 23rd August, 2019 at 3:00pm.

This is a guided seminar into the world of AR through gifts and premium.  Conducted in Cantonese, we’ll bring you into the world of AR:

什麼是AR (Augmented Reality)?如何只靠 ”閃拍” 一張相, 帶你進入AR 世界?如何從AR世界找尋潛在客戶如何從通过高質禮品,贈品和設計去展現AR ?

Your hosts: 

Alex Woo, General Manager, MontegleStephen Fan, Account Manager, Montegle Leo Lau, Co-founder and CEO, ConnectARRuby Chan, Sales Manager, ConnectAR 

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested about ARAnyone interested in gifts and premium through ARProfessional retailers and marketers (if you have experienced marketers in your company, we’d love to hear from them!)

How to join? Event info and registration: http://bit.ly/AR-tours

Please register on the above link and see you in the world of AR!

Apron 圍裙

Hat & Cap 帽子

Polo Shirt Polo衫

Scarf 圍巾

Sweat Shirt 汗衫

T-shirt T恤衫

Tie 領帶

Vest 背心

Windbreaker 風衣

Leaflet Design 宣傳單張設計

Logo Design 標誌設計

Poster Design 海報設計

POSM Design POSM設計

Packaging Design 包裝盒設計

Crystal Gift 水晶禮品

Golden Gift 金做禮物

Trophy 獎杯

Backpack 背包

Non-woven Bag 無紡布袋

Pouch 小袋

Tote Bag 手提袋

Lap Top Bag 筆記本電腦袋

Mouse 滑鼠

Mouse Pad 鼠標墊

Tablet Pouch 平板電腦包


Beach Chair 沙灘椅

Coaster 杯墊

Chopsticks 筷子


Slipper 拖鞋

Towel 毛巾

Umbrella 雨傘

Water Bottle 水瓶

Wine Charm

Wine Opener 開瓶器

Mobile Cleaner 手機清潔布

Mobile Pouch 手機袋

Power Bank 充電寶

Selfie Stick 自拍杆

Wireless Mobile Charger 無線移動充電器

Luggage 行李

Luggage Belt 行李帶

Luggage Scale 行李秤

Luggage Tag 行李標籤

Travel Adapter 旅行插頭

Travel Bag 旅行包

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Lanyard 頸繩

Mini Fan 迷你風扇

Pin 襟針

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